The Artist   


 The plaque in my kitchen that says, "The fact that no one understand you doesn't         mean you're an artist." 

    It makes me laugh and keeps me humble.  I am an artist in my mind as well as genetically.  My father was a technical illustrator for many years and did wood carving and collage as well.  I attribute any talent that I have to him as my formal training is minimal.  I simply paint things that I love as well as things I would just like to attempt to reproduce.  Almost everything is an experiment of sorts, just to see if I can do it.

     I have always done some kind of art, sampling a variety of mediums - everything from macrame back in the 70's to tole painting in the 80's to pencil drawing, painting on silk, quilting and felting and felt tip pens.  I even worked for a while cutting/pasting/stamping note cards.  Maybe you could say I have a short attention span.

     During a month long trip to Europe in 2005, I was visually enchanted by the antiquity ofFrance,GermanyandIreland.  On returning home, I felt inspired to commence painting.  I started by working with a couple photographs from my trip, and gradually expanded my repertoire to other subject matter.  I particularly enjoy detail and close-ups, often deciding on a portion of a picture, generally in an asymetrical arrangement.  I simply don't like symmetry.

     My first pet portrait was done as a birthday gift for my daughter's friend.  It was very well received, followed by the epiphany - "I could do this for money!"  Then I painted several of my own fur babies.  I have 5 cats from which to choose, so I never lack subject matter.  In additional the the cats, we also have four chickens and two rabbits.  What can I say --- I live in a zoo!  But long-story-short, a new business was launched and since then I've done many commissions for friends, friends of friends, and family members.

     I found my love of animals was readily transferred into creating paintings of them.  I love the texture of fur and hair, the challenge of capturing that in paint.  But the ultimate challenge is instilling life into the eyes, and reproducing the personality of each dog or cat.  Hands-down, painting animals is my favorite subject.  Peeling paint and rusty locks is another favorite 

     I work exclusively in acrylics as I find them to be very forgiving. . . specially after working with watercolors.  Plus acrylics dry really fast making the whole process go more quickly.  I've even been known to employ the use of a hair dryer to speed things up even more.

     I hope you enjoy my website and this representation of my work.  May you even decide to entrust me with a picture of your beloved pet  to reproduce for posterity.  Thanks for checking me out!